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A Big Sigh of Relief

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First off: phew! After a night of insomnia, fretting over my employment situation, I received a call from the assignment guru this morning, telling me that a class had been found for me. So, everything is good, disaster averted. I will be gainful employ (Confederacy of Dunces reference) this spring.

The weather has been unseasonably warm for January, so I took advantage of it to have my 3 mile run outside today.  Running outside, there is hardly a single moment where I don’t think, “I could just stop and walk.” or “I don’t feel like running anymore,” but I pushed on, just one foot after another. Mileposts work well for me here. I say, “Okay, I just have to make it to the bridge,” then, “I just have to make it to the park,” then, “I just have to make it back to Kedzie,” and so on.

It wasn’t that long ago that I could not run 3 miles without stopping to walk at all. Now, I find it kind of easy, (despite my constant resistance), which is a good thing, or else I don’t know how the hell I would aspire to running 26.2. And to be honest, I am plagued with fears about that — that it is way more than I will physically be able to do.

Outside, runners form a happy kind of community. We smile and nod at each other as we pass; it’s kind of like gaydar that way: the acknowledging nod. Every runner I encountered today smiled a greeting to me — I think we were all dumbstruck that we were running outside on January 11.

It wont last, though. The first real snow dump of the season is supposed to begin tomorrow.  Still, compared to yesterday, things are looking up. I’m half way through week two of my training, and I have a job.


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  1. Phew! That assignment guru, he’s pretty great. Good luck with your training!


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