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Oh, Sh*t!

My Prague Marathon bib number is F1640.

Yep, I am now all registered and official. And so, naturally, I am completely freaking out.

1. Why did I ever think I would be able to run a marathon? Really? It’s idiotic, when you think about it. At the beginning of this year, I’d never ran longer than 3.10 miles.


Total idiot.


2. Marathons are really hard. That’s why so few people run them.

3. What if it’s really (hot/cold/rainy/windy/zombie apocolypse)  outside on marathon day?

4. I will not be able to finish.

5. Whoa! That course is really long!

6. Who do I think I am, anyway? I’m no athlete. I have a really hard time doing push-ups and those things where you lift your legs and your upper torso and rock back and forth on your back.

7. Who am I trying to kid?

8. Why on earth would I even want to run a marathon? They’re hurty.

9. I run too slow.

10. My training is too lazy and I will not be prepared.

To that last one, I keep praying that the rain that is forcast for this afternoon will materialize. It’s past 5:00 p.m. and it has not yet, thanks for nothing, Mother Nature! It was supposed to be my justification for not going on my 6 mile run today. Not only did it not rain, but it got up to 45 degrees — totally seize the moment flukish global warming perfect-for-running outside February weather.

Luckily, I remembered that my track pants that I wear when running outside are dirty; in fact, they are being laundered at this very moment.

And now, well, it’s just too late in the day to lace up and head out. Ignore my mental recollections of all of the runners I see outside running in the evenings, even on colder and wetter days than today. Coveniently forget how much I secretly admire them and my assessment that they represent the type of commitment I am going to need for my marathon training.

Seriously, what have I gotten myself into, with my big mouth and my big ideas?

Oh, good. The weather just reported freezing rain and snow for this evening — there is no way I am taking a chance of getting caught in that!

Hmm. An hour later and still no rain.




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Literary lezzie and amateur health and fitness dabbler.

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  1. Hey Kathie. You are going to do great. So fun that Nikki can make it as well. It’s almost like I should cheer you guys on in Prague 🙂
    I’m following your blog and admiring you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing. Think how good you’ll feel when you prove to yourself that you can do this as well.
    Hugs from Oslo

  2. Good luck, train hard, don’t die.


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