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Midway Point: Dealing with Setbacks

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I am officially midway through my marathon training, which is appropriate, I guess, as I feel about 50% prepared. Due to a few different factors, my last week or so of training has been sporadic and now things are complicated by the fact that I seem to have sprained my ankle.

On the good news front, my wife, Nikki, who suffered her own setbacks eary on when she got the flu, followed by an outpatient surgery, followed by her own ankle injury, is now back on board.

Our complications this week include an excessive schedule of meetings and obligations on my part, plus two unplanned late nights hanging out with bad influences,

which put us off course. And then, I assume during our 6.5 mile run on Saturday, something occurred which made my ankle feel very hurty.

Sunday it continued to be hurty and yesterday, during and after a 12-mile run, it was very hurty, indeed. Now it’s all compression wrapped and I am limping around town and hoping that it miraculously heals within the next 24 hours.

Because of Nikki’s setbacks, I readjusted the training schedule a bit so that she could catch up to me. So instead of running 15 this week, we ran 12. We’re scheduled to run 14 this Sunday and 16 the following Saturday (which gets me back up 16 right when I am supposed to be). The following week we’re running in the Chi-Town half-marathon, which will actually be our step-back week, going from 16 to 13.2. And the week after that, we have our 18-miler.

I did have a leeway week to take in case I needed it for whatever reason, which is pretty much what happened this past week. That means from this point on I have to stick with the program. The longer runs are crucial, not just for training your body, but also for training your mind — for finding the right headgame to push you past your mental blocks.

All of this bringing me to this point: it’s an incredibly craptastic time to hurt my ankle. But I’ll deal with it as best I can by taking care of it over the next few days, and see where that gets me. 

In the meantime, I did reward reaching the midway point by acquiring the trainers I’ve been coveting.

When I tried them on at the store, they felt as great on my feet as I hoped they would.

Midway through! Thanks to all of you who have offered me encouragement and support. In the past 8 or so weeks since I started this rinky-dink blog, I’ve received about 2,000 hits, including readers from all 7 continents, which is pretty cool.



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