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Boo! Sad Trombone!

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Okay, so my ankle is still an issue. And it is making me feel very sad.

The conscientious reader may recall that last week I twisted or strained or sprained or did something to my ankle. I think this occurred during an otherwise pleasant 6-mile run through a few neighborhood parks; heretofore regarded as the parks of darkness, doom,  and despair.

In any case, I wrapped the ankle and took care of it and a couple of days late it felt better and I ran a 7 mile run that was really fun and pleasant and didn’t seem any the worse for wear. The next day, however, the soreness returned. Not so bad, though, so when Sunday and my 14-mile long-run came up I felt okay to go for it.

My ankle did feel sore during a lot of this run; mostly when I landed on uneven surfaces or had to turn or veer too quickly. I didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, though, because right after the run I had to quickly get ready for a performance thing I was doing, and then, after the performance, I had some beers, and didn’t think anything else of it.

I am, after all, a Viking.

The injury to my ankle may, quite possibly, have longer and further reaching origins that the run through Hell Park and its sequel. Many years back, I was hit by a car and bruised up my ankle pretty badly. I never had it xray’s or an MRI (my more serious injuries affected my other leg which is, ironically, holding up brilliantly during my recent onslaught of abuse). But I have had occasional painful incidents with that ankle ever since.

Or, there may be no connection at all.

For example, there is no connection between this image of drunken college girls and any of content of this blog post:

Nor is there any connection between this picture of a big butt and anything relating to my ankle owie:

The reasons I have gratuitously posted these pictures is because two of the most common search terms that direct people to this blog are “big butts” and “drunk college girls.” They seem to be particularly effective in drawing traffic from Saudi Arabia, for whatever that’s worth.

I can only imagine that this picture of  lesbians kissing will push my hourly hits through the roof.

Or, considering my target audience, maybe these sexy women:


But I digress.

In any case I made it through the night after the 14-mile run with no issues,or so I thought.

Until I got home and looked at my foot and realized that I could no longer distinguish my ankle. Comparing it to my other foot confirmed that I certainly should have a fully visible ankle on my sore foot.

So, I have been back to icing it, wrapping it, elevating it, and trying to stay off of it. And I am very depressed.

Early on when this happened, I scoffed at seeing a doctor. Why waste my time when I knew exactly what they would say: stay off if it, ice it, wrap it, elevate it. That’s how these things go. And meanwhile, my dwinding training weeks and crucial upcoming long runs feel like they are slipping away from me.

After the last long run, my feeling was, if my ankle is going to hurt when I am running, so be it. I’m tough. I can handle it. Now I am reconsidering that logic.

So, I have an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow.  Because as bad-assed as I am, I don’t want to be one of those assholes who refuses going to the doctor when they really should.

Oh, blarg!


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  1. Kathie,

    I’m really sorry that you’ve hurt your ankle and that it’s giving you fits. The positive that I will take from your experience, however, is discovering your blog.

    That was a funny post! I guffawed a few time. Really great. Thank you for sharing that.

    And I really, really hope that you get some good news from the doctor and that you can resume your training again soon.


  2. Consider seeing a physical therapist in addition to the doctor. Most PT offices will do a 15 minute evaluation and give you some strengthening exercises (if appropriate) to help you get started at home. Make sure you’re icing enough – 10-15 minutes every half hour is good. It’s a pain, but it’s really the best way to get the swelling down. Also, lay off the running for a week. You’ve built up enough endurance to take a full week off and not be too far behind. If you’re following the Higdon program (which most newbies do), you’ll be doing 15 this weekend and then 12 the following. Skip the 15 and go for the 12 (and the weekly runs leading up to it, but SLOW DOWN!! Compression designed for wear while exercising (such as Zoot! products) might also help. Do not wear a medical device while running – it can prevent your muscle from getting the blood it needs at all and then cause further injury.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Kathie,just a quick note,be careful… and glad your going to the Dr.Let me know what he or she says.enjoyed reading your adorable blog.Love you,Mom Rinkus xo

  4. Love you. Miss hearing these stories in person. But I must chime in and say that if it hurts, let it heal. Trust me, you don’t want a bad foot. It’s not fun to not have the option to do things like, run. When it’s ready to go, know your #1 Los Angeles fan is cheering for ya! Maybe you 2 can come out next year and do the LA marathon. It starts right by my house.

  5. Hang in there. While I admire your determination to be a marathon runner, I must say that I am very happy it wasn’t a wrist or hand that was affected. Because the person I REALLY admire is a marathon writer!

  6. I’m glad you decided to go have it looked at 🙂

  7. Ah damn it you got me. It was only the lesbian kiss picture that brought me here. I don’t come from Saudi Arabia though. As it is now december and I see that this post was months old I hope your ankle got better in time for your sporting event.
    James in England x


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