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15 Days to Go: Who Would Have Thought It?

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What?! Does that countdown clock on the side of this blog say fifteen days until the Prague marathon? Fifteen days?

I better start training!

Gosh, when I started this blog, it seemed like the marathon dwelled in some indistinguishable future realm.

Like, I knew that it existed but I couldn’t really discern the details.

Now that bitch is all up in my face. WTF!

Yesterday, Nikki and I ran 10 miles. It was a fast and fun ten miler — is that something I ever imagined myself saying in my life, ever ever?

Fun, Kathie? Really?

It is not. But we did have fun, and we did run fast, finishing in 1 hour and 48 minutes — the fastest I have ever run for that kind of distance. A 10:48 minute mile.

Out of curiosity, I checked back to the first time I ran ten miles. It was January 29th. I completed the run in 2 hours and ten minutes: a 13-minute mile pace. That was back in those hellacious treadmill/dreadmill days. 

That run was SO plodding and tedious. Looking back, I am actually kind of surprised that I still pressed on. But, I do also remember the enormous feeling of accomplishment I felt after finishing a ten mile run. More so, because I only set out to run 9 miles that day, which, back then, was a significant milestone for me. Remember, prior to the beginning of this year, I had never, ever run further than a 5k (3.12 miles) distance. Back then, I could barely imagine a day where I would think running ten miles was something that could be accomplished joyfully.

Skeptical cat finds this unlikely.

And how did my painkle hold up? My inflamed posterior tibialis tendon, the bain of my training? Actually, I barely noticed it. No, that’s not true. Actually what I noticed was that, for the most part,  it felt normal. It felt fine. It still gets cranky and it’s not 100% healed, but it is, in fact, so much better than it was. Which makes me so glad that I didn’t give up my marathon dream during the worst of it, when it was excruciating.

I’m excited to be heading to Prague so soon! I am leaving in nine days! I’ll be there five whole days before the marathon, so I will have a chance to go check out the course and see what I am in for. And then, after the marathon, I will stay in Prague for six more weeks, whereupon I shall proceed to eat many dumplings and drink generous quantities of beer. Which will not be too different from life now, except then I will be a marathoner. I will join the one tenth of one percent of humans who have completed a marathon. Me! Little Kathie Bergquist!

Tomorrow or Monday we are running our longest training run — 20 miles. After that, it’s all tapering and carbo-loading.



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  1. Did you flap your arms? Trust me, it feels good.

  2. Yeah, you! Will be anticipating posts from Prague.


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