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T-10 Hours and Counting.

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Jitters, yet?
Kinda, jitters, yet?
KInda, I guess, but also not really. I mean, my mental attitude is mostly that I am going to just have fun and enjoy myself running all over Prague.
Alas, Nikki and I have pursued every avenue we can think of, and she still doesn’t have an entry into the race. But she is going to run with me when she can, and we’ll see what happens.
We have been carbo loading all week. I’ve consumes loads of pasta, rice, bread, dumplings, French fries, bananas, beer, a liter of rose wine (hey beer and wine have carbs, don’t they?).
It’s 10:45 P.M. here. We just got in from our welcome dinner for the students, which we held at a cool 200-year old Czech pub (carbo-loading: I had potato soup, bread, and beer), and followed that by a floodlit, nighttime walk over the Charles bridge. And now… I have my gel packs out, my tram pass and ID and a 500 crown note (sound impressive, but it’s actually worth less than $30), I’m about to get out my clothes for tomorrow, and affix my bib to my shirt.
6:30 wake up, breakfast of toast with jelly, and maybe an apple (although you don’t want too much fiber before these things), and I am off. Gun time is 9:00 a.m. I am in the appropriate-for-me “K” corral, which is the pokey (or maybe po-“k” ) corral, which means I will probably cross the starting line at about 9:30.
Weather tomorrow is supposed to be cold in the morning, warming up to the high 50s by the afternoon (and I will definitely still be running in the afternoon! ). 10% chance of rain.
The next time you hear from me
Little Kathie Bergquist,
Will be a marathoner.


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Literary lezzie and amateur health and fitness dabbler.

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  1. Go get ’em, Kathie!!

  2. Will be cheering you on from my bed tomorrow morning at 9am….rah rah rah!!!!


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